The Wood Database

For information on specific wood species and basically everything you need to know about wood. We use them to find the specific gravity of wood species to use in our Wagner Moisture Meter.

CA Urban Forest Council

Information on how urban forestry has a positive on your community, check out their educational pamphlets.

San Diego Urban Forest Council

Information on how you can get more involved in San Diego’s urban forest. Come to our regional urban forest council meeting to learn all kinds of new information and meeting active members of the community. Their meetings are every other first Wednesday.

Palomar College

If you’d like to learn the art of woodworking, consider participating in one of the greatest woodworking programs in California at Palomar College. Registration is easy and after you pass CFT 100 and make a clock, you can take literally any other class and have access to a sea of resources and inexpensive urban wood. It’s what inspired us to even exist as a company!

Tree Services

WE DO NOT CUT DOWN TREES but we do work with a lot of different tree services to source logs, and companies like these can help us obtain your logs if you’re having a tree removed.

Other AWESOME San Diego Sawmills

Couldn't find the perfect slab for you in our inventory? That's ok! We are proud to support our partner sawmills around San Diego County. If you are looking for high quality and affordable wood, reach out to our friends:

  • Nels Berg - No Bad Days Milling (Down the street from us in Ramona)
  • David Lawson - San Diego Urban Wood (Down the street from us in Ramona)
  • Brian Bishop (Bonsall)

San Diego Fine Woodworker's Association

If you're looking to get involved in the woodworking community in San Diego but haven't got the time to take Palomar College classes, the San Diego Fine Woodworker's Association is for you! Annual membership are very affordable and your woodworking journey will be backed by hundreds of other woodworking men and women in San Diego. They also offer classes at their member shop in Miramar! For more information, visit their website HERE.

San Diego Woodturner's Guild

Woodturning is the fastest and easiest way to go from a log to a functional piece of art. After you invest in getting the right equipment, you'll never have to pay for wood again to turn on a lathe because you can literally use material from fallen trees, branches, and roots. The San Diego Woodturners are hundreds strong with an incredible wealth of knowledge and support for people excited to learn. Annual memberships are extremely affordable and ever meeting has a turning demo to learn new skills and techniques. For more info, visit their website HERE.

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